How Does AMDAS Work


Step 1: Visit, and fill the form therein to subscribe to Automated Movie Distribution Affiliate System (AMDAS).
Step 2: Check your email (inbox or spam) for a confirmation of your registration message from us, so as to confirm/verify your email.
Step 3: Fund your account with at least N550 (you can add more, since you can always withdraw your money to your bank account from time to time), either by paying to:

Account Name: Online Movie Mart Limited
Account Number: 0171009649
Banker: GTBank

Write your USERNAME, as the name of the person paying, when paying into our bank account and afterwards, text or mail your Username, Teller number, Date of Payment, Amount Paid to the numbers or mails below.


Through the use of your ATM Card, from the FUND ACCOUNT Section of your Dashboard with us, or your Paga Account, and such others – contact; 08097690567, 08072572825, 08169963222, 08055553335 if in further need.

Step 4: Notify us once you fund your account for our necessary assistance.

Step 5: Once the fund appear in your Dashboard, try to upgrade your Subscription to ACTIVE SUBSCRIBER.

Step 6: Look for your Referral Link in you Dashboard, mine is

This means you need your REFERRAL LINK to encourage others to register on our website, and YOU will get paid for their Subscriptions and other Purchases. Contact us, if in further need of what to do, and how to go about it.

Step 7: You can take your Referral Link to, so as to make it shorter, in case you want to use text message to promote it. Mine for the above link is:

Step 8: You can take same Referral Link to, so as to make it shorter. Mine for the same link above is:

Step 9: Promote your Referral Link, and encourage more people to follow all the steps above.

Step 10: The more people you refer, the more money you can make, as they are subscribing, activating their subscription, and buying and selling our

Step 11: Contact us via;; 08097690567, 08072572825, 08169963222, and 08055553335 if in further need.
Thank you.
Online Movie Mart Limited


Having registered, through, kindly login to you account, and click on FUND to pay directly with your ATM Card, or you can proceed to any GTBank Branch, or carry our electronic transfer from your account to our GTBank Account as below:
A/c Name: Online Movie Mart Limited
A/c No: 0171009649.
Remember to text your payment details to: +2348097690567, or email giving us your AMDAS USERNAME (In fact, it is better to pay with your AMDAS USERNAME, or you include your AMDAS USERNAME in your payment information with the bank), so that we can quickly credit your AMDAS e-wallet account with us, with your fund, which you can use to Activate/Upgrade your AMDAS Subscription with us, or use for any other purchase from our website.
In fact, you can withdraw your payments or other monies you make on/through our website back to your bank account.
Contact our help desk through: +2348097690567 (Whatsapp/SMS Only), or email if in need of further information.


You can Activate/Upgrade your FREE General Subscription on our website to ACTIVE SUBSCRIPTION, which is the starting and main point of your making money on our website by funding your AMDAS Account with a minimum of N550; and clicking on UPGRADE MEMBERSHIP.

Login to your account now to see how this works. You will get a FREE copy of our latest film, “ARAMANDA” (The Amazing God), “the story of a virgin lady who contracted HIV, while on her community’s scholarship, as one of the first set of students to have ever attended university in the history of her town called Laaja”.

You will also be able to participate in our next film titled “EKO ILE”, “the story of how to survive in life, using how to survive in Lagos, Nigeria, as the sample”.

Contact our help desk through: +2348097690567 (Whatsapp/SMS Only), or email if in need of further information.